Westwood College and Redstone College Password Manager

Password Manager

The password manager site, once you have registered, can be used to reset your Westwood or Redstone password at will. You must have a functioning password to register, but once registered, you can reset the password even if you have forgotten or the password has expired, or only have a mobile phone.

First and foremost, Registration:

To use the password manager, click the Register button below. You will need to prefix your username with your domain/campus abbreviation. To find this, follow the chart on the right side of the page and match your campus.

PLEASE NOTE: The direction of the \ before your username is important, it must be a \ and not a /.

Register for Password Manager
  Already registered? Great!

If you have already registered, click the Change Password button below. Remember to prefix your username with your domain/campus abbreviation, and answer the questions configured upon registration.

PLEASE NOTE: Password complexity is enforced, you will need a password of at least 8 characters, including at least three of the following four items; uppercase, lowercase, number, special character.

Reset your password or unlock your account
Campus Domain Example
CA - Anaheim LAA LAA\JohnDoe
CA - Inland Empire LAI LAI\JohnDoe
CA - Los Angeles LAW LAW\JohnDoe
CA - South Bay LAL LAL\JohnDoe
CO - Denver North DNN DNN\JohnDoe
CO - Denver South/Aurora DNS DNS\JohnDoe
CO - Redstone DNX DNX\JohnDoe
CO - Redstone - Denver East DEX DEX\JohnDoe
GA - Atlanta Midtown ATM ATM\JohnDoe
GA - Atlanta Northlake ATL ATL\JohnDoe
IL - Chicago Loop CHL CHL\JohnDoe
IL - DuPage CHD CHD\JohnDoe
IL - O'Hare Airport CHO CHO\JohnDoe
IL - River Oaks CHR CHR\JohnDoe
Online Student Student\JohnDoe
VA - Annandale VAA VAA\JohnDoe
VA - Arlington-Ballston VAB VAB\JohnDoe
Westwood and Redstone Staff and Faculty Westwood Westwood\JDoe


If you have any further questions or issues, please call the Service Desk at 1-855-581-7757 and follow the prompts.